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Date Night Meal – Mediterranean Salmon in Tomato Sauce

Calories 483cal
Carbs 22g
Fats 25g
Protein 35g

Quick Grilled Salmon & Cauliflower Mash Low-Carb Meal

Calories 313cal
Carbs 11g
Fats 20g
Protein 41g

Salmon Breakfast Bake

Calories 386cal
Carbs 9g
Fats 17g
Protein 42g

Gluten-free Spicy Salmon Patties

Calories 327cal
Carbs 1g
Fats 17g
Protein 38g

Salmon & Veggies in Coconut Curry

Calories 407cal
Carbs 13g
Fats 24g
Protein 35g

Creamy Dairy-free Dijon Salmon & Spinach

Calories 0cal
Carbs 0g
Fats 0g
Protein 0g

Easy Teriyaki Salmon Recipe with Fried Rice

Calories 524cal
Carbs 44g
Fats 18g
Protein 42g

Sweet Thai Curry Salmon Kebabs

Calories 339cal
Carbs 12g
Fats 15g
Protein 36g

Orange Salmon Succotash Power Bowl

Calories cal
Carbs g
Fats g
Protein g

Salmon Mango Salsa With Rice Recipe

Calories cal
Carbs g
Fats g
Protein g

Simple Sweet Chipotle Grilled Salmon In Avocado

Calories 482cal
Carbs 15g
Fats 19g
Protein 24g