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Mixed Seafood Poke Tower with Light Spicy Mayo Sauce

Calories 540cal
Carbs 36g
Fats 28g
Protein 37g
healthy beef stroganoff

Healthy Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Calories 520cal
Carbs 51g
Fats 17g
Protein 36g
chili con carne

Slow Cooker Chili con Carne

Calories 330cal
Carbs 10g
Fats 18g
Protein 33g
Lighter Baked Potato Soup with Grilled Chicken

Lighter Baked Potato Soup with Grilled Chicken

Calories 440cal
Carbs 38g
Fats 13g
Protein 42g

Low Carb Chicken Gumbo Recipe – Instant Pot

Calories 321cal
Carbs 12g
Fats 21g
Protein 24g
turkey tomato soup

Slow Cooked Smoked Turkey Tomato Soup 

Calories 430cal
Carbs 33g
Fats 10g
Protein 53g
brazilian fish stew

Discover the Flavors of a Brazilian Moqueca Recipe

Calories 320cal
Carbs 17g
Fats 13g
Protein 32g
red lentil soup

Delicious Split Red Lentil Soup

Calories 250cal
Carbs 33g
Fats 8g
Protein 12g
Green Chile Chicken & White Bean Soup

Green Chile Chicken Soup with White Beans

Calories 340cal
Carbs 39g
Fats 6g
Protein 35g
Quick Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Butternut Squash Soup

Calories 180cal
Carbs 28g
Fats 7g
Protein 6g