5 Soup Recipes to Warm You Up

mediterranean diet turkey white bean soup

Fall into these five soup recipes to stay warm!

Look, there are a LOT of reasons to make soup recipes a regular part of your diet:

  • They help you eat seasonally
  • They’re loaded with vitamins and minerals
  • Most can boost your immune system (see above point)
  • Most are low calorie, low fat, and high fiber
  • They’re easy AND affordable
  • They’ll warm up more than your body; they’re great for the soul and the home

This fall and winter will be particularly challenging during cold and flu season, so I’ve put together this list of five soups that you should put into your regular rotation effective immediately. There’s a great mix of flavor profiles, proteins, and international inspirations in this list. So make sure you try one—or ALL—of them out this season!

1) White Bean Soup and Mediterranean Diet Turkey – Quarantine Cooking

mediterranean diet turkey white bean soup

You know I have to kick this off with a Mediterranean recipe. This was also one of the first recipes we recorded in the studio after the COVID shutdown happened. This one’s inspired by an old favorite and serves as an excellent reminder that soup can be enjoyed year-round! If you love this recipe (and I’m certain that you will), be sure to put it in your back pocket for later—this is a FANTASTIC way to use up any leftover turkey you might have after Thanksgiving!

2) Instant Pot Green Chile Chicken Tortilla Soup

Instant Pot Green Chile Chicken Tortilla Soup

This is easily one of the most flavorful soups I’ve ever put together. It’s also probably one of the most fragrant! Make sure that you put enough broth into the pot to cover the chicken—this way, it’ll pull apart beautifully after it’s cooked. Also, by adding in the canned green chiles at the END, we really increase their presence in the recipe. Altogether this soup should take about forty minutes to make, but you’ll be able to spend most of that time kicking your feet up and letting the instant pot do its thing. I personally like to add Greek yogurt instead of sour cream to keep this recipe more health-conscious. Don’t be afraid to give it a try!

3) Slow Cooker Italian Greens and Chicken Soup

Slow Cooker Italian Greens Chicken Soup

Here’s my take on the classic chicken noodle soup—except we’re swapping the noodles out and replacing them with LOADS of greens. This recipe is low carb but incredibly hearty and satisfying, and the Italian-inspired flavor profile will make it hard for you to put the spoon down. With this one, you’ll get a delicious dose of essential vitamins and minerals, and you can easily store in the fridge or freeze in separate containers if you’re looking for an excellent meal prep option to have ready the instant you come inside from the cold!

4) Kjötsúpa Icelandic Lamb Soup Recipe

Iceland Lamb Soup

Speaking of cold… I learned this recipe during a trip to Iceland, where I had a VERY chilly fishing trip. This delicious, hearty, simple, and delicious soup warmed me up in a heartbeat. I love that this recipe uses lamb, which isn’t as common in soups you find here in the US. This is a slow cooker recipe, so it’s perfect for throwing on earlier in the day on a Sunday and then enjoy for six hearty servings; just make sure you sear the lamb properly before you put everything together. To get the most out of this recipe, you’ll want to cook it, set it aside, and enjoy the next day when all the flavors have pulled together.

BONUS: This recipe involves LOTS of chopping, which I find incredibly therapeutic and relaxing, so get ready for some zen!

5) Healthy Shrimp Meatball Soup

shrimp meatball soup

I had to include some seafood on this list, so I dug back and found this amazing pho-inspired recipe that I promise you’re going to love. This is a classic #FMC recipe that’s creative, follows my three-color rule, and will probably teach you something new along the way—don’t try to tell me you’ve made shrimp meatballs before! Searing the baby bok choy before you put it all together adds just a BIT of complexity to the dish, but what I love about this one is the medley of flavors. The jalapeño, cilantro, and lime are all optional but I promise you’ll be missing out if you skip on any of them!


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