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Tomato Herb Salad Recipe

Ok – I know what many of you are already thinking – “ugh!  Plain tomatoes?!”  Let me assure you that THIS tomato herb salad recipe hits!

While tomatoes are a staple in countless dishes, they can sometimes seem a bit bleh when eaten raw or on their own.  Truthfully, I love tomatoes so eating them raw doesn’t bother me, but I get it.  So allow me to change your mind with this tomato herb salad dish.

A variety of herbs complement tomatoes by enhancing their natural sweetness and adding depth to the overall flavor profile of a dish.  So, when in doubt – pair them with various herbs.  This tomato herb salad recipe uses parsley and oregano, but honestly, the options and flavor combos are nearly endless.


Here are some herbs you may want to consider pairing with tomatoes:


Perhaps the most well-known pairing with tomatoes is basil. The sweet, slightly spicy flavor of basil brings out the sweetness of tomatoes while also providing a fresh, herbal note. This is why basil is a key ingredient in many tomato-based dishes, such as caprese salad and Margherita pizza.


Oregano is another herb that pairs well with tomatoes. Its pungent, slightly bitter flavor helps to balance out the sweetness of the tomatoes while also adding a savory, earthy note. Oregano is a common ingredient in Italian dishes, such as tomato-based pasta sauces and pizza toppings.


Thyme isa more subtle herb that can complement the sweetness of tomatoes without overpowering them. Its slightly floral, woody flavor pairs well with the earthiness of tomatoes, making it a great addition to roasted or grilled tomato dishes.


Rosemary’s pungent, piney flavor can be overpowering on its own, but when paired with tomatoes, it adds a unique complexity to the dish. Its strong flavor can hold its own against the acidity of the tomatoes, making it a great addition to tomato-based stews and roasted dishes.


Parsley has a slightly bitter flavor but that’s a good thing! It adds a lot of personality and herbaceous notes that can add a sense of freshness when enjoying tomato salad recipes dishes.  It pairs well with tomatoes in salads, pasta dishes, and even soups…and this amazing tomato herb salad recipe.


Tomatoes pair well with a variety of herbs, each bringing their own unique flavor and complexity to the dish. Whether you’re making a classic caprese salad or a hearty tomato stew, adding herbs can elevate dishes, making them more delicious and desirable because of the complexity.

Moral of the story – embrace tomatoes and don’t be afraid to experiment with different herbs until you find YOUR perfect pairing, like this bangin tomato herb salad recipe.  Enjoy!


4 Servings

Tomato Herb Salad Recipe

  • 1lb (454g) campari tomatoes, quartered
    • substitute: cherry tomatoes
  • 1/3 cup finely chopped parsley
  • 2 teaspoons dried oregano (or thyme or rosemary)
  • juice from 1/2 lemon
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • sea salt & pepper to taste


Step 1

Quarter Campari tomatoes or slice another variety of tomato into 1.5-inch pieces.  Place in a mixing bowl.
Tomato Herb Salad Recipe

Step 2

Then add the remaining ingredients.

Tomato Herb Salad Recipe Tomato Herb Salad Recipe Tomato Herb Salad Recipe

Tomato Herb Salad Recipe

Step 3

Gently toss the salad together and season to taste with sea salt & pepper, then enjoy!

Tomato Herb Salad Recipe

Tomato Herb Salad Recipe

Wanna kick the flavors up even more? Consider these additions:

  • thinly sliced red onions
  • feta crumble
  • balsamic or red wine vinegar
  • cucumber
  • cracked red pepper
  • diced jalapeno or serrano pepper
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