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3-Ingredient Sweet Potato Waffles with Healthy & Creative Toppings

3-Ingredient Sweet Potato Waffles With Healthy & Creative Toppings

Waffles are so easy and delicious, your biggest problem will be deciding what to put on top. These also make great in-between meal snacks – just chop the waffles into pieces and you have protein and complex carbohydrate-rich treats. This recipe idea is great for “leaning out for the summer,” or “packing on some solid muscle.” The recipe can’t lose!

These sweet potato waffles are also a great low-carb meal, perfect for snacks or breakfast. You can use leftover sweet potatoes or cook them before preparation. Make sure to wash them first, especially if you are going to eat the skin of the sweet potatoes too.

First, set the oven to 400F, then start with prep. Grate the sweet potatoes in one bowl, and beat the eggs in another bowl. Add the eggs to the sweet potato and mix with coconut flour using a spatula. Season to taste if you want, but most of the flavor would come from the toppings.

Spray waffle iron with coconut oil or cooking spray and bake waffles. it will take you about 8 minutes for each waffle. If your waffles turn out to be too soft, you can put them in the oven and bake for about 10 minutes to make them firm and crispy.

Make the topping as desired and serve to eat. Here you have a couple of my ideas, sweet version, chili with cheddar, greek yogurt with cheddar, tomato and onions, or avocado topping. You can come up with your own topping from the ingredients you like the most.

Enjoy the waffles while they are still warm. Share with us which version you liked the most in the comments below.

Which topping are you?
Berries, Almonds & Organic Raw Honey

Budget Chili with Cilantro & Reduced-Fat Cheddar

Greek Yogurt, Tomatoes, Green Onions, Sea Salt & Pepper, Reduced-Fat Cheddar (pinch)

Avocado, Tomatoes, Goat Cheese


Ingredients for up to 3 servings:

  • 400g grated sweet potato (about 2 medium sweet potatoes)
  • Eggs – 1 egg, 4 egg whites
  • 3 tbsp coconut flour
  • spray coconut oil or cooking spray


  • Waffle iron


Step 1

Wash the sweet potatoes to remove any dirt. This is very important, especially if you are like me and tend to eat the skin of the sweet potatoes.

Step 2

Set oven to 400F.

Step 3

Grate sweet potatoes into a large bowl.

Step 4

Beat eggs in a separate bowl.

Step 5

Add eggs to the grated sweet potato and toss in coconut flour. Mix well using a spatula. If desired, you may add seasonings and spices; however, keep in mind that most of the flavor will come from the toppings.

Step 6

Place of the waffle iron and cook thoroughly, about 8 minutes per large waffle.

Step 7

OPTIONAL yet recommended step: after the waffles have finished cooking, they can seem soggy depending on the waffle iron. If you find the waffles are too soft, place them on a baking rack and bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes so they can become more firm and crispy around the edges.

Approximate macros for 1 of 3 servings without toppings:

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