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Kevin Curry

15 Paleo Meal Prep Recipes You’ll Actually Want to Eat

Paleo Meal Prep

What’s up my fellow “Cavemen”!

Are you looking for some bomb paleo meal prep ideas? Well, look no further, because I got you covered!

The Paleo diet has been around for a while now and it’s still one of the best ways to eat healthily. The concept is pretty simple – if we eat like our ancestors did, we’ll be healthier and stronger.

So, let’s get back to the basics and eat like our hunter-gatherer forefathers. That means ditching grains, sugar, dairy, and processed foods, and loading up on meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, and healthy oils.

I know it’s hard to stick to a dairy-free and grain-free diet when eating out (or in general!), so why not save yourself some time and money by meal prepping? Trust me, it’s a lifesaver!

Pick a meal prep recipe below and enjoy stress-free, delicious paleo meals all week long!

How to Save Time When You’re Doing Paleo Meal Prep

If you’re new to the paleo lifestyle and looking to eat healthier or if you’ve been eating like a caveman since the cavemen were around, you might feel overwhelmed by the thought of planning meals, prepping ingredients, and hitting the grocery store. But don’t worry – I’ve got some tips to help you save time and make the paleo diet super easy

Time-Saving Tips:

  1. Plan out your meals for the week so you don’t have to scramble for ideas each day.
  2. Make a grocery list and knock out your shopping in one go.
  3. Keep your recipes simple and use fresh ingredients.
  4. Look for recipes you can prep ahead of time, like meat marinades, chopped veggies, or dressings.
  5. Get some high-quality containers to keep your meals fresh and organized.
  6. Cook in bulk and freeze some meals for later in the week or month.
  7. Pick ingredients that can be used in multiple recipes throughout the week, like roasted veggies, grilled chicken, or boiled eggs.
  8. Take advantage of your slow cooker and instant pot for easy, hands-off meal prep.
  9. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, try a meal prep service that delivers pre-made paleo meals right to your door.

Meal prep doesn’t have to be complicated – just keep it chill and stay ahead of the game. 

There are a variety of ways to meal prep that will give you quick access to paleo-friendly meals throughout your busy week. Find what works for you. The goal is to cook during your most convenient time – ideally when you’re NOT hungry – and to cook the fewest number of times possible.

When it comes to choosing recipes, stick to ones with fresh, simple ingredients that can be prepped ahead of time. Trust me, it makes a huge difference! And if you’re struggling to get the whole family on board with paleo, look for modified versions of your family’s favorite recipes. Start by swapping out white rice for cauliflower rice. Or serve chicken salad on crunchy lettuce wraps instead of bread. Pretty soon you’ll have everyone enjoying your favorite paleo recipes.

Benefits of Paleo Diet Meal Prep

Are you tired of spending all your free time in the kitchen? Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to eat healthier without breaking the bank. Either way, you might want to try out paleo meal prep. With pre-prepped meals, you can avoid the temptation of takeout and ensure you’re sticking to a healthy way of eating. And the best part? You can totally customize your meals to fit your tastes and dietary needs. So why not give it a go? It’s convenient, eco-friendly, and can save you a ton of time and money in the long run. 

Top Benefits of Meal Prep:

  1. Save time: Ain’t nobody got time to cook every meal from scratch. By prepping meals in advance, you can free up some of your precious time during the week.
  2. Eat healthier: Paleo is all about eating whole, nutrient-rich foods without any of the processed junk. By prepping your meals, you can ensure you’re sticking to this healthier way of eating.
  3. Save money: Ordering takeout or eating out can put a dent in your wallet. By prepping your own meals, you can save some cash and still eat like a king (or queen).
  4. Control portions: It’s easy to overeat when you’re starving and faced with a giant plate of food. But with pre-prepped meals, you can control your portion sizes and avoid going overboard.
  5. Mix things up: There are so many different paleo-friendly ingredients and recipes out there that you’re sure to find something you like. Meal prep lets you switch things up and easily give those fun recipes a try.
  6. Make it yours: Paleo meal prep is super customizable, so you can tweak recipes to fit your dietary needs and taste preferences.
  7. Convenient: With pre-prepped meals on hand, you don’t have to worry about figuring out what to eat or spend time cooking when you’re hangry.
  8. Eco-friendly: Using reusable containers and reducing food waste makes meal prep a more sustainable way of eating.

The benefits of meal prep are real! Overall, paleo meal prep can help you eat healthier, save time and money, and enjoy more variety and convenience in your meals. 

If you’re on the hunt for some tasty and healthy paleo meal prep recipes, we’ve got you covered. These recipes are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings while keeping you on track with your healthy eating goals. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking!

Paleo Breakfast Meal Prep

Low-Carb Cricket Flour Muffins

paleo meal prep ideas

Get ready to surprise your taste buds with this nutritious and delicious recipe made with cricket flour. The nutty flavor and protein punch will have you hooked. Don’t be afraid to try something new… and cricket flour is the perfect way to shake up a traditional muffin to make it paleo-friendly. These muffins are a great addition to your morning routine! Double the batch and freeze some for easy paleo breakfasts and snacks.

Caveman Chicken Waffles & Sweet Potato

meal prep ideas paleo

You’ve heard of chicken AND waffles… well, how about chicken waffles? That’s right, the chicken is mixed right into this sweet potato waffle. From the looks of the ingredient list, you’d never guess this could be a breakfast food. But you’ll be surprised at how delicious, filling, and easy these waffles are as part of your healthy meal prep.

Breakfast 101: Eggs, Turkey, Spinach & Roasted Potatoes

paleo meal prep lunch

It’s easy to get caught up in complicated and elaborate healthy eating routines, but sometimes simplicity is the key to success. That’s why I love this go-to breakfast meal – it’s a reminder that nutritious and delicious food doesn’t have to be complicated. Even after all these years, this meal leaves me feeling satisfied and energized, ready to take on whatever the day has in store

Bacon & Egg Stuffed Sweet Potato

paleo lunch meal prep

Rise and shine with a tasty breakfast that’s sure to fuel your day! Try out this delicious bacon and egg stuffed sweet potato, which was requested by one of my followers after I posted a mouth-watering photo of it on Instagram. Inspired by my popular egg and turkey bacon stuffed avocado recipe from 2013, this dish is the perfect start to an epic day.

Paleo Lunch Meal Prep

Bison Roast & Mashed Parsnips – Paleo Prep

paleo recipes meal prep

One of the things I love about this recipe is how quick it is – you can have everything ready to go in just about an hour. And let’s talk about parsnips, shall we? These babies aren’t exactly a household name, but they’ve got a lot going for them. They’re sweet like carrots, but with a nutty kick that makes them super versatile for sweet and savory recipes alike. And in this dish, the sweet parsnips are perfectly balanced by the salty, savory bison roast.

Low-Carb Shrimp Ceviche Recipe

paleo meal prep recipes

Get ready for a burst of flavor with this low-carb shrimp ceviche recipe! This dish is perfect for those looking for a light and refreshing meal that is also paleo-friendly. Made with fresh shrimp, lime juice, and a variety of colorful veggies, this ceviche is both healthy and delicious. Plus, it’s quick and easy to make, so you can have a satisfying meal in no time! For those sticking with a strictly paleo diet, serve with an avocado salad and some paleo chips, tostones, tostadas, or homemade plantain chips for easy lunches. 

30-Minute Low-Carb Stuffed Zucchini Boats

paleo week meal prep

Looking for a quick and healthy dinner option that the whole family will love? These 30-minute low-carb stuffed zucchini boats are the perfect solution! Inspired by a dish I had on a recent trip to Israel, these zucchini boats are a fun and delicious way to get more veggies into your diet. Packed with protein and fiber, they’re also a great way to keep your carb intake in check. And the best part? You can customize them with your favorite ingredients for a meal that’s uniquely yours. 

Salmon Sweet Potato Cakes with Avocado Salsa

easy paleo meal prep

These are packed with flavor and nutrition, thanks to the combination of protein-rich salmon, fiber-rich sweet potato, and creamy avocado. Plus, they’re easy to make and perfect for a quick and healthy meal any time of day. Whether you’re looking for a tasty lunch or a light dinner, these salmon sweet potato cakes are sure to satisfy you.

Paleo Dinner Meal Prep

Michael Chernow’s Lean Bison Meatballs with Paleo Veggie Pasta

paleo breakfast meal prep

Indulge in these meatballs by Michael Chernow! As the co-founder of The Meatball Shop, Michael knows meatballs like nobody else. He shares his expertise in The Meatball Shop Cookbook and has appeared on top cooking shows. With this recipe, Michael gives us a taste of his meatball mastery, and it’s a must-try for any meatball lover!

Gluten-Free Plantain Lasagna

paleo diet meal prep

Who needs pasta when you can use thinly sliced plantains in your lasagna? This recipe is not only delicious but also packed with nutrition. Plantains are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making this dish a healthier option for your meal. Not only is this a great paleo-friendly addition to your weekly menu, but it’s also a perfect alternative for those looking for a gluten-free lasagna due to dietary restrictions.

Peruvian Roasted Chicken (Pollo A La Brasa) & Crispy Brussels Sprouts

meal prep paleo

Pollo a la Brasa is a beloved Peruvian dish known for its flavorful and juicy roasted chicken. With this recipe, you can recreate that authentic taste right in your own kitchen. The chicken is marinated in a blend of spices and herbs and then roasted to perfection. Served alongside crispy Brussels sprouts, this dish is the perfect combination of savory and satisfying. Whether you’re looking for a new weeknight dinner idea or something to impress your dinner guests, this Peruvian roasted paleo chicken and crispy Brussels sprouts recipe is sure to be a hit.

Paleo Snacks and Treats Meal Prep Recipes

Crispy Baked Sweet Shoestring Potatoes

paleo meal prep ideas

If you’re looking for a tasty and healthier alternative to French fries, these crispy baked sweet shoestring potatoes are the perfect snack or side dish! With their thin and crispy texture, these potatoes are a crowd-pleaser and are sure to satisfy any potato lover’s cravings. Made with only a few simple ingredients, this recipe is easy to make and perfect for any occasion. Plus, sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients like vitamin A, fiber, and potassium, making this dish a great addition to your diet.

Keto Avocado Hummus Recipe

meal prep ideas paleo

Looking for a healthy dip that’s perfect for your paleo diet? This avocado hummus recipe is just what you need! With its beautiful mint green color and creamy avocado flavor, this dip is a great addition to any paleo meal. Unlike most hummus recipes, this version replaces chickpeas entirely with just avocado, making it grain-free and paleo-friendly. Plus, it’s garnished with pine nuts and cilantro, making it both tasty and nutritious. This recipe is great for dipping chicken and veggie pieces or as a topping for many meals – so it’s perfect for a variety of paleo dishes. 

3-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Spread

paleo meal prep lunch

Unlike many store-bought spreads that are full of added sugars and preservatives, this recipe is made with just three simple ingredients. Perfect for those following a paleo or dairy-free diet, this dark chocolate spread is delicious with fruit and can fend off any sweet tooth craving.

Butternut Squash Fritters

paleo lunch meal prep

These butternut squash fritters are a perfect way to add some healthy and delicious variety to your meal plan. With just a few simple ingredients, you can make a crispy and flavorful snack or side dish that’s both gluten-free and paleo (just make sure to use almond flour!). The butternut squash provides a nutritious base that’s packed with vitamins and minerals, while the combination of spices adds a satisfying savory kick. Give this recipe a try and enjoy the crispy goodness of these fritters!

For more delicious paleo meal prep recipes, check us out at Fit Men Cook


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