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3 Tips to Make a Breakfast Fruit Salad

This is one of my favorite simple fruit salad recipes. Since it is made with fresh fruit, it is both vegetarian and gluten free, so those who are gluten intolerant or sensitive can enjoy it. A splash of juice, some chopped mint for a burst of bright flavor, and the crunch of almond slivers make the king of easy fruit salads. Salad recipes can get really boring, sweet or savory, so the rule of thumb is to add texture and flavor. I know you are probably wondering: a recipe without needing to break out the slow cooker or instant pot? Sign me up!

While this doesn’t have traditional grains, this fresh fruit salad does still have a decent amount of carb due to the sugars in the fruit, so if you are diabetic of just on a general low carb diet, make sure you are aware and control the amount you eat. You can still enjoy it, just try to keep it to a smaller portion. It is also a vegan recipe—no animal products here. I don’t recommend using frozen fruit simply because the texture changes once they thaw, and while you can make it the night before to grab for breakfast in the morning, it is best to eat it within twelve hours of making it. I used mint here as the herb and orange juice to tie it in, but you can change the flavor by using other ingredients like peach or mango nectar, lime juice, cilantro, lavender, orange blossom, or even rose water.

If you enjoyed these three tips for a healthy breakfast fruit salad recipe, please send me a message or drop me a comment below. I would love to hear how my recipes have changed your ideas of what healthy food could be. To me, nothing is more important than making it easy for you to reach your weight loss and fitness goals while also eating tasty and filling food. Be happy and healthy!

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  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • mango
  • kiwi
  • shaved almonds
  • chopped mint
  • drizzled with orange juice


Step 1

Use about 1/4 cup of each fruit. I recommend using at least one berry (blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry) and 2-3 other fruits.

Step 2

Use mint, almonds and/or granola to add extra flavor and healthy macronutrients.

Step 3

Use fresh orange (or fruit) juice instead of honey for extra sweetness and flavor.

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