Mediterranean Chicken Wrap

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My name is Kevin. My life changed when I realized that healthy living is truly a lifelong journey, mainly won by having a well-balanced diet and enjoying adequate exercise. By experimenting in the kitchen and openly sharing my meals, I learned that healthy eating is hardly boring and that by making a few adjustments, I could design a diet that could help me achieve my personal fitness goals. Our bodies are built in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym.

Calories 465
Protein 45g
Fat 12g
Carbs 40g
Total Time -

Need a perfect sandwich for lunch? I got you covered! With this quick and easy Meditterranean-inspired chicken wrap, I’m sure that your taste buds and muscles will be satisfied. 


I’m enjoying this dish with beet chips and orange-infused water (you may see this on my previous post). If you’re gonna make lunch for someone, always remember — #NoBoringSandwiches! Nobody’s got that time for those plain iceberg lettuce and paper-thin meat sandwiches. Lol!


How to make this meal? Honestly, there’s no particular or exact way to do it. Feel free to make this recipe your own. You may add veggies and seasonings of your choice — such as red onion, olive oil, and even make you own greek chicken salad to wrap in a wheat lavash bread. Just remember to keep it healthy and still fit for your special diets.


You may also want to tone down the Feta cheese because the flavors here are fairly bold Mediterranean style. You may try the milder approach to this dish by substituting some of its ingredients.


This recipe is packed with nutrients. It’s low carb and rich in protein, potassium, dietary fibers, calcium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. But bear in mind that it changes depending on the adjustments you’ll make on the recipe.


Want it to be vegan? It would be great with hummus, some chickpeas for texture, remove the cheese and add in more of greek salad.


So, fit foodies, what are you waiting for? Try this dish right away and share it with your family and friends. Remember to share your comments and suggestions via email or commenting down below.


It’s such an honor for me to know that I’m able to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goal easily while satisfying your tastebuds of the foods your craving for.


Stay healthy always! Have a great day!



Mediterranean Chicken Wrap

  • 5oz chicken breast
  • 1 piece wheat lavash bread
  • 3 tbsp hummus
  • 1/4 cup pico de gallo
  • 2 tbsp feta cheese
  • 1/8 cup diced cucumber
  • 1 celery stalk

Feel free to make this recipe your own. Just keep it healthy!

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