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Two myths to dispel: the vegan diet is not just for vegans. As a meat eater, you can actually find a lot of inspiration from …

Crunched for time? Watch these 1-minute recipe videos instead!


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No boring sandwiches or wraps. Ever.  Instead of shoveling out $9 for a wrap at lunch, just make your own. Less than half the cost …

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Great solution to your snack problem! These are great for people on the go, college students, family friendly meal and awesome additions to your …

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Are you drinking enough water for 30-Days #UAEvolve Challenge? Here are 4 REAL vitamin waters to help with detox, hydration and energy! Tag someone that needs to drink more water! Boom. (traduccion abajo)

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If you’re pressed for time but the hunger is intense, nothing beats a spicy beef broccoli bowl with Basmati brown rice.  A buddy of …