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Kevin Curry

Plant, Chicken & Seafood Meal Prep

I’ve come to realize – for quite some time now – that I’m not an “absolutist.”  I don’t plan on solely subscribing to a particular diet for the rest of my life.  Instead, I enjoy picking and choosing elements from the various diets (and foods) and making it work for me nutritionally.  Here’s a peak at a usual 3-day prep for me, all prepared in a little over 1 hour.

I prefer to keep my meals on the smaller side and opt to eat more meals instead.  I feel far less bloated throughout and at the end of the day with this approach.  There are many who prefer to eat 2 or 3 large meals a day while still achieving their wellness goals – I am just not one of them. In the end, you need to listen to your body and do what works for you.

I make my breakfast fresh everyday as a part of my wake-up and wellness routine. Usually it’s scrambled egg & egg whites with brown rice or jasmine rice and some sort of veggies such as colorful bell peppers, broccolini or spinach.  I’ll mix everything together and season with low sodium soy sauce – reminds me a lot of fried rice.

There’s no particular order to these meals however, meals with the highest amount of carbohydrates I’ll usually prioritize those meals earlier in the day or immediately following my workout.


  • I’ve made several variations of chicken curry throughout the years.  Some are low carb while others are higher calorie.  Use the recipe that best complements your macros and flavor profile.  And in most cases, you can easily swap chicken with tofu or tempeh if you’re plant-based.
  • Get the recipes here or in the FMC Apps (iPhone/Android)
  • For the green beans, you can use my garlicky green beans recipe and just omit the bacon if you’d like and use olive oil.  OR, here’s a time-saving trick I like to use:
    • Buy raw green beans that come in a microwaveable safe bag.  Pierce the bag with a fork and microwave for 2 to 3 minutes (no more than 3) in order to steam and wilt the green beans.
    • Set a nonstick skillet on HIGH heat.  Once the skillet is hot, spray it with a little olive oil, then toss in the green beans.  Cook for about 3 minutes, until the outside edges are seared.  Remove the skillet from the heat and add a tablespoon (or more/less) of minced garlic.  Stir it immediately into the green beans so the garlic does not burn in the skillet.  Season to taste with sea salt & pepper.


  • Not all plant based burgers are the same.   When I’m not making my own, I like to purchase plant burgers from the grocery store.  While a little soy is permissible in your diet, it can be a slippery slope, especially if you’re a plant based dieter because many meat replacement products are soy based and heavily processed.
  • Prioritize the all natural plant burgers over the soy based burgers.  This means that the ingredients are all plants.  I like to purchase a brand that is higher in fat and extremely low in carbs and load up on veggies as a side dish so the overall meal is satisfying and high in plant protein.
  • Using grain or legume based burgers are totally acceptable too – again, just monitor the ingredients to ensure they are not sneaking in too many soy supplements to boost the protein content.
  • Cooking the veggies
    • I purchase raw Brussel sprouts in a microwaveable safe bag and steam them in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes, similar to the green beans above, just to slightly soften them.
    • Since these particular burgers are so fatty, I’ll use the oil that remains in the skillet after cooking them to cook/sear the Brussels sprouts and chopped bell peppers.  This is a GREAT way to ensure you aren’t inadvertently adding more calories to your meals and you’re melding the flavors together.
  • This dish also pairs well with roasted veggies if you prefer.


  • I know the jury is still out on bringing fish to work for fear of being “that person” who caused the whole office to smell like a fish market when you warmed your lunch in the microwave; but, fresh halibut is not as “fishy” and it’s so meaty and juicy that you’ll forget all about the temporary smell.
  • Get the recipe for the herb lemon halibut here.
  • I paired this with a mini baked yams, about the size of my fist (about 150g), to enjoy after my workout.  These are naturally sweet, fleshy and flavorful by themselves.  If you must add something to them, I suggest cinnamon, and if you are not on a carbohydrate restricted diet, a little honey or coconut sugar can help exaggerate the sweet flavor.


Hey, I'm Kevin

My name is Kevin. My life changed when I realized that healthy living is a lifelong journey, mainly won by having a well-balanced diet and maintaining an active lifestyle.

By experimenting in the kitchen and sharing my meals on Tumblr, I learned healthy eating is not boring! By making a few adjustments to my favorite foods, I could design a diet that could help me achieve my wellness goals while satisfying my desire for BANGIN food! 😅 Now I try to help people around the world realize that same level of freedom in eating regardless of budget. Welcome, let's #DemocratizeWellness together!


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