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Turkey Wrapped Asparagus

If you don’t have much time to prep your food for the day, then this quick and tasty turkey wrapped asparagus recipe will surely make your worries go away.

Some people have a hard time eating vegetables, even if they combine it with food that they actually like eating. Trying your hands at this dish is a good way to train yourself to appreciate eating vegetables, especially asparagus since we all know they can be a little hard to swallow.

Before we go changing our lifestyles, we have to first change our mindsets. Health is wealth and all food, if prepared right, can be healthy. You won’t really grow if you can’t form the habit of eating vegetables.

Asparagus is a popular vegetable that comes in green, white, and purple colors. It’s rich in vitamins A, C, and K. Rich in fiber and folate, asparagus helps lower blood pressure, is beneficial for weight loss, and can even help with healthy pregnancy outcomes. Turkey is a lean and low-carb alternative to bacon, making it perfect as a wrapping ingredient.

Together, these two make a low-calorie, high-protein snack that packs a nutritious and tasty punch. For those struggling with the “Munchies” and want to better manage weight, adding this to your diet gives you the option for a little healthier snacking.

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You’ll need 6 ounces of Low-Sodium Smoked Turkey Meat, 8 Asparagus Spears, and Choice Seasonings of Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Cumin, and Cayenne Pepper.

Start by bringing up your oven to broiling temperatures or to about 400°F then give the asparagus spears a good wash and cut off the bottom stems.

Take a slice of your uncooked smoked turkey meat and wrap it around the trimmed spears and season to your heart’s content. Next, take out a skillet and lightly coat it with some coconut oil. Set the stove to medium-high heat and allow the skillet to get hot. Once the skillet is nice and hot, drop in as many of the turkey wrapped spears as it can fit.

Slowly “roll” them around until all sides have been lightly seared. Do this for 3 – 5 minutes until you finish all the spears.

Place the now-seared spears into a clean piece of baking sheet and allow them to sit in the oven for about 5 minutes.


  • Low sodium turkey lunch meat
  • Raw asparagus spears
  • Choice of seasonings (garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper, pepper)


Step 1

Set oven to broil temperature.

Step 2

Wash asparagus and cut off bottom stems.

Step 3

Take 1 slice of low sodium turkey lunch meat and wrap around the asparagus.

Step 4

Season the asparagus wraps.

Step 5

Spray a skillet with Kelapo coconut oil and set on medium-high heat.  Allow the skillet to get hot.

Step 6

Add asparagus to the skillet. Move the skillet around to “roll” the asparagus so that all sides are seared. About 3-5 minutes.

Step 7

Remove from the asparagus from the skillet and place on a baking sheet.

Step 8

Place in the oven for 4-5 minutes.

Step 9

Remove and enjoy!

Approx macros using 6oz turkey lunch meat & 8 asparagus spears.

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