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Reduced Calorie Hasselback Potatoes Recipe

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Instead of making traditional mashed potatoes as the side dish to your meal, try this tasty Hasselback potato recipe! I love crispy Hasselback potatoes, but they are a little too calorie heavy since they are baked with butter (or with compound butter like garlic butter.) This potato recipe takes Hasselback potatoes and cooks them like baked potatoes.

Since I’m worried about them drying out, I brush them with some water (rather than butter or olive oil) to keep them light. Once they’re done roasting in the oven, you can put on your favorite potato toppings like cheddar cheese, yogurt, sour cream, or fresh chives. Just try to stay away from butter since that might throw your calorie count into orbit. You can make this with Idaho potatoes or Yukon gold potatoes, depending on what you have on hand.

If there’s worry about them being too dry, you can also throw the potatoes into the slow cooker first and then finish them in the oven so that the edges are crispy. This lowers the cooking time. You can run the outside of the potato generously with salt so that it is seasoned. If there are any leftovers, then it transforms into potatoes gratin. The most difficult part about this recipe is slicing the potatoes into thin slices since that is a bit labor-intensive. However, there are now kitchen tools on the market that make this part of the process a breeze.

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If you like Hasselback potatoes like I do and tried my easy Hasselback potatoes recipe, feel free to drop me a comment below. The best part about this is that you can dress it up in so many different ways, including putting minced garlic in between which is divine when roasted, or other herbs like sage and thyme. I hope you try this version and let me know if it’s what you are looking for.

Reduced Calorie Hasselback Potatoes Recipe

Ingredients for 2 loaded Hasselback potatoes

* Optional Substitution Note
  • 10oz (~284g) red potatoes (roughly 5oz each)
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheese (I used a reduced calorie Mexican blend)


Step 1

Fire up the grill (or set oven to 400F).

Step 2

Place chopsticks on a flat surface and place 1 red potato between the chopsticks.  Using a sharp knife, and being very careful, slice up the red potato into thin slices and be careful not to cut all the way through.  The chopsticks are designed to prevent the knife from slicing all the way through.  Once you cut it up, carefully fan out the slices using your fingers so they can “breath.”  Heavily spray the potato with water OR rinse it under cold water.

Step 3

Tear off a sheet of Reynolds Wrap nonstick foil, then place then sliced potato in the middle.  Wrap up the potato so it’s like a dome (or “steam chamber”).  Repeat for the other potato.

Step 4

Cook on the grill or in the oven for at least 50 minutes OR until the potato is fully cooked.

Step 5

Peel back the foil then top with shredded cheese and try as much as possible to wedge some of the cheese into between the wedges.

Step 6

Place back on the grill (or oven) for an additional 5 to 7 minutes to completely melt the cheese.  Enjoy as is or top with your favorite toppings such as yogurt and chives.

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Prep 5min
Cook 55min
Total 1h 1min

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