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The Benefits Of High-Intensity Interval Training

Editor’s note: Article by Guest blogger Justin Zipprich


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a method of exercise in which an individual quickly alternates between short and intense anaerobic exercise and much calmer recovery periods.

Studies have shown that individuals who train using intervals have lost weight, and have also improved their metabolism and vastly improved their physical capacity. While the intervals come in quick bursts, so do the workouts in general, with most HIIT sessions lasting between as little as four to thirty total minutes. HIIT is a great way to burn fat and work on achieving six-pack abs.

As with any form of exercise, a general HIIT session will begin with a warm up session: jogging in place, stretching, jumping jacks, etc. Then, the real training begins with approximately three to ten continuous repetitions of a very high level, intense exercise mixed with recovery periods that are much lighter, yet still work the body. When the workout is completed, a cool down period will follow, mixed with some stretching.

Athlete’s caught on to the advantages of high-intensity interval training many years ago, and most of them swear by it. Recent studies have proven that an intense 30-minute HIIT session can burn just as many, and sometimes more calories than an hour-long steady state cardio session, such as running straight for a mile.

Another proven advantage of HIIT is how your body reacts after the workout is done. There is a theory that HIIT can produce an after burn effect in the body. When the after burn takes hold, the body can maintain an elevated metabolism, which has been shown to remain in effect for hours or even days. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Just the minimal time requirement needed for HIIT should be enough of a selling point. To most, the idea of a five to 30 minute work out seems like a wasted effort, but the after burn effect in itself should be enough to convince you otherwise. HIIT allows the body to continue burning fat long after the workout has been completed, that is something that just won’t happen with the steady state option.

The fact is, that even though steady state cardio is a great way to stay fit, engaging in HIIT is really the best way to gain that six-pack that you so badly want. Once you burn those layers of fat and really get to your core, you can spend a large amount of your time sculpting your abs, while creating the perfect body. Below is a sample routine to get you started. You can find many other HIIT workouts online.

Sample HIIT Routine:

  1. Complete a four-minute workout complete with low intensity exercises such as torso rotations, high kicks and standing crisscross crunches.
  2. Launch into your program with 20 seconds of high impact jumping jacks.
  3. 10 seconds of low intensity marching in place
  4. 20 seconds of high impact ski squats and kicks
  5. 10 seconds of low intensity marching in place
  6. 20 seconds of high impact traveling push ups
  7. 10 seconds of low intensity marching in place
  8. 20 seconds of high impact crossover crunches
  9. 10 seconds of low intensity marching in place
  10. 20 seconds of high impact fingertip to toe jacks
  11. Repeat steps 1-10.
  12. Cool down
  13. Stretch

By: Justin Zipprich


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