Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Brownie Waffles

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Calories 354
Protein 9g
Fat 18g
Carbs 45g
Total Time 12 minutes

Waffles are a staple breakfast meal to fill you up before starting your day. Unfortunately, some people, especially vegans and people who are allergic to gluten, are deprived of this delicious meal. But made for this recipe, after numerous attempts, we finally made a waffle recipe that is perfect for everyone. Get your tummy ready, and it’s time for some gluten-free vegan chocolate brownie waffles!

The reason why this recipe is called chocolate brownie waffles is that this waffle is so dense like a brownie that will definitely cross your hunger and satisfy your chocolate cravings!

For the preparation, start by adding in almond flour, arrowroot flour (cassava or tapioca flour will work as well), dark chocolate powder, and some baking powder. Mix it all in together, and use a fork to “sift” out the clumps. For the wet ingredients, add in coconut milk, maple syrup, a little bit of apple cider vinegar. Agave or honey is also a good substitute for the maple syrup. Stir it all in until the batter is thick and smooth. These are optional, but you can also add in walnuts to give your waffles a little bit of crunch, and some dark chocolate chips and fold it in your batter.

Fire up your waffle iron, and spray it with oil to make sure our batter doesn’t stick. Add your batter in the waffle iron and cook it for about five minutes. The outside will be slightly crispy and flaky like a brownie, but the inside will be moist, chocolatey, and gooey. Voila! You’ve just made some gluten-free vegan chocolate brownie waffles!
You can enjoy these with syrup but it’s not needed but I recommend eating these with fresh fruit or dark chocolate chips. This meal is recommended for breakfast since it is waffles but you can also eat it as a post-workout meal.

If you like this recipe, comment down below if you’d want us to make more vegan dessert recipes in the future.


Vegan Chocolate Brownie Waffles


Vegan Chocolate Brownie Waffle
Ingredients for 4 large waffles

  • Dry
    • 1 1/4 cups (measured) fine almond flour
    • 3/4 cup arrowroot flour/powder (substitute: tapioca flour, cassava flour)
    • 1/3 cup dark chocolate (cacao) powder
    • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • Wet
    • 1 can (13.5oz) full fat coconut milk
    • 3 tablespoons maple syrup
    • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup crushed walnut pieces (optional)
  • 1/4 cup (~14g) vegan dark chocolate chips (sweetened with Stevia – I used Lily’s brand)
  1. Heat up your waffle iron.
  2. In a bowl, mix together all of the dry ingredients using a fork, making sure to “sift” out clumps of flour.
  3. Then add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir and fold everything together.  Once it is well mixed, let the batter rest for 5 – 10 minutes without stirring.  It should be slightly thicker than pancake batter but still be somewhat runny. NOTE: If your batter is too thick, simply add tablespoons of coconut milk (or almond milk) until you reach the desired consistency.  If your batter is too runny and thin, simply add tablespoons of almond flour until it thickens to desired consistency.
  4. Spray the waffle iron with cooking spray once it’s hot, then pour in the batter.  Cook for about 5  – 7 minutes.
  5. The outside will be slightly crispy and flaky like a brownie, but the inside will be moist, chocolatey and gooey.
  6. Honestly, you can enjoy these with syrup but it’s not needed.  I’d recommend eating these with fresh fruit.

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