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Kevin Curry

In a pinch? Try frozen Teriyaki Sesame Salmon

Sea Cuisine Teriyaki Sesame Salmon

As a self-proclaimed salmon connoisseur, I take a lot of pride in preparing and enjoying salmon dishes. I’ve become so particular about the quality of salmon I use that I will drive 30 minutes out of my way to visit a fish market to get exactly what I want.

But when I’m in a pinch, I buy wild frozen salmon and my go-to brand lately has been Sea Cuisine.

But first, there are a lot of misconceptions about using frozen salmon, so let’s clear that up as I tell you why I’m digging Sea Cuisine (Teriyaki Sesame) Salmon frozen fillets as of late.

It may surprise you as it did me initially, but frozen options offer benefits we may not consider that actually make our lives more efficient. Here’s why frozen salmon deserves a place in your kitchen and Sea Cuisine deserves a spot on your plate!

Frozen salmon is available year-round.

Unlike fresh salmon and other foods that have peak seasons, frozen wild salmon is available all year! This ensures you never miss out on the delightfulness that is salmon (can you tell it’s my favorite protein, yet? Lol).

Frozen salmon can reduce food waste.

Probably one of the most significant advantages of frozen salmon is its extended shelf life. Think about it – if you don’t get to it right away, it won’t spoil like fresh food! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve let food go to waste because of this.

Having frozen wild salmon available means fewer trips to the grocery store because your freezer acts like pantry, having nutritious food ready to incorporate into your meals or meal prep. And with Sea Cuisine it is even easier since you go directly from freezer
to skillet (or oven) so no more setting out frozen salmon to thaw.

Frozen salmon is nutritious.

Contrary to popular beliefs, frozen salmon doesn’t lose its nutritional value once frozen. If anything, the flash-freezing process can effectively lock in essential nutrients, ensuring you get your omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to maintaining a healthy body. And this is an even larger plus with Sea Cuisine because the salmon is wild and responsibly sourced.

Frozen salmon makes meal planning easier.

With frozen salmon, you can plan meals “on the fly” so you can easily add this protein whenever you want a switch up. Essentially – frozen salmon offers unmatched convenience. Since Sea Cuisine has a variety of seasoned salmon fillets created by real chefs, adding salmon to a meal cuts down on your time having to season and marinate the fish.

This highlights another benefit of Sea Cuisine seasoned salmon in that the macronutrient data and calories are included so it makes calculating the nutritional breakdown for your meal much easier!

One of the main reasons I love Sea Cuisine wild salmon fillets is it cooks just as fast as seasoned fresh salmon.

I placed the frozen salmon fillets in a nonstick skillet, and they were ready in about 10 minutes, with both sides of the salmon having a nice sear and seasoned crust.

With traditional frozen salmon, you have to thaw it first, pat it dry and then add seasoning. All of this adds to the time it takes to prepare a meal. With Sea Cuisine, the salmon is cooked from a frozen state so you can multitask and prepare the sides while the salmon is thawing and cooking at the same time.

Here comes the flavor!

Sea Cuisine salmon fillets have a variety of flavors to complement different cuisines – Latin, Mediterranean, Asian, etc so there’s something there for everyone.

Hopefully you’re not as skeptical as before about using frozen salmon! And your choice to use frozen salmon might depend on various factors – time, personal preference, or even lack of ideas. If you’re in a pinch and need a time saver, I would recommend Sea Cuisine salmon fillets – at least the pre-seasoned fillets may help you determine which sides would best complement the salmon.

So yeah – with Sea Cuisine you get all the benefits of wild frozen salmon but with way more flavor!

The Sea Cuisine Teriyaki Sesame Salmon pairs perfectly with a teriyaki-flavored pineapple cucumber salad. Give it a go!


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