Jalapeno Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries & Salad

This easy turkey burgers recipe is not only tasty but great for you too. With lean ground turkey patty and a sweet and savory sweet potato fries and salad, this turkey burger is a power meal that will help you take on anything. I added a bit of diced jalapeno peppers for an extra kick of flavor. The heat from the jalapenos is great with the sweetness of the potatoes. To make this healthier, I used whole wheat bread crumbs in place of white bread crumbs in the ground turkey mixture.


You can either brush the grill with olive oil or use cooking spray to make it nonstick. This delicious recipe is great for weeknight dinners. These turkey burgers can be made in advance and frozen to be pulled out for a barbecue later. There are so many ways to dress these up to fit your dietary needs. You can add a fried egg on top to give it a boost of protein, or you can put it on some burger buns for classic turkey burgers.


Instead of potato fries, you can make sweet potatoes in the slow cooker as a side, the sky is really the limit when it comes to your imagination. Make sure you cook these thoroughly and if you find you don’t like jalapenos, diced bell pepper works too. To keep these nice and juicy, don’t skimp on the egg which acts both as a binder and as extra moisture.


I hope you enjoyed my easy turkey burgers recipe. Please feel free to drop me a comment if you tried it. I think meals should feed the body and the soul, and keep us happy and healthy. If you are looking for more meal ideas that keep you on track with your health and fitness goals, check out my other recipes. They range from keto to vegan to vegetarian to paleo, so there’s something for everyone here.