Sweet Potato Risotto

It’s no secret that one of my favorite foods is sweet potato. It’s up there with rice and bread for me – I just have to have it (in some way) in my diet.  On a recent flight from Nigeria to the States, I was served a creamy rice dish that got me craving risotto…

I immediately started thinking about a calorie-conscious way to makeover the dish with complex carbohydrates and heart healthier fats.  Then, I realized that done correctly, risotto could make for a pretty satisfying post-workout meal…so, sweet potato to the rescue!

The baked sweet potato acts as an additional thickener to the recipe, making it creamier while boosting the flavors, not compromising them.  The sweetness of both the potato and the coconut cream/milk balances out the savoriness of the risotto and gives your body a dose of complex carbohydrates for lasting energy and muscle rebuilding.  I really like this meal after a workout, but it also makes for a satisfying lunch or comfort food makeover.