Don’t Ever Stretch Your Hamstrings! (Unless You Read This)

Guest post by Jason Parsons

Every time I see someone bent over doing a hamstring stretch, a tiny tear forms in the corner of my eye.  No, it isn’t because my allergies are acting up again or because I just chopped up some onions.  You see, this tiny tear was born from the following:

I will be the first one to admit, I don’t like crying in public, not because it’s embarrassing, but rather because I don’t usually carry any tissue with me to wipe away the inevitable snot bubbles I’ll be creating. Nobody likes snot bubbles my friend.

So how am I going to minimize the chance of me crying in reaction to this oft maligned activity?  Well, I figure the best thing to do is whip up this here article giving YOU the reader a little more info so you can do the right thing the next time you are tempted to bend over and touch your toes for no good reason at all.  I like to think of it as me saving the world, one hamstring at a time.

First, let me start with a quote (and NO, this wasn’t said by Albert Einstein):

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

It’s a fun quote to say the least, but let me change it around a little bit to better fit our topic at hand.  Here is my version of how it should be said:

“Every tool has a purpose. But if you judge the value of a hammer by its ability to change a light bulb, well, you need to stay out of the toolbox.”


You might be wondering, what does this have to do with stretching your hamstrings? Well, something to keep in mind as we go along, is that ALL exercises (yes, that includes stretching) are basically tools that can be used for good.  The challenge for  most people is lining up the fitness goal with the correct exercise tool.  The truth is that doing a hamstring stretch by bending over to touch your toes, has a value.  The problem is that the vast majority of the people doing this stretch are NOT doing it for the right reason.

So, why do we stretch any of our muscles? Well, there are plenty of good reasons to stretch.

All of these are great reasons to stretch, but the problem is, most people are not stretching their hamstrings for any of these reasons. The vast majority of people stretch with the false hopes of eliminating muscle soreness due to exercise, to improve athletic performance or to prevent injuries.  Sadly the science does NOT tell us that one can achieve any of these results, rather, the exact opposite is true. Mechanically lengthening (stretching) a muscle that is already sore from exercise, causes additional trauma to said muscle, thereby slowing the healing process. Stretching muscles prior to activity “loosens” them up, also known as decreasing muscle tone.  When muscle tone decreases, they are less able to generate force so performance goes down, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, loosened muscles can no longer keep the joint(s) they interact with as tight (safe from moving improperly), thereby increasing injury opportunity

Wait a minute. What?  Stretching does NOT decrease the duration of muscle soreness due to exercise, it actually decreases athletic performance and increases opportunities for injuries?  Say it ain’t so! (Take a peek at the included links to the scientific research so you don’t think I am just making stuff up)


Please let me be clear, I am NOT saying stretching is bad for you.  What I am saying, is that each person needs to make sure they are stretching for the right reason and that said reason is backed by science that says it actually works. Science is our friend after all, so why not use it to our advantage?

Just so you don’t think my ADD dragged me completely off course from our main topic, the hamstrings, let me tell you a little about what DOES work when you just have this feeling that the backs of your legs are needing a good stretch.  Now, we understand better than ever that stretching for the wrong reasons can be detrimental, so what the heck are you supposed to do when your hamstrings feel like overtightened piano wires? This feeling you are experiencing is most likely due to your hamstrings being overactive and in an over lengthened (stretched too far) position throughout the day because you sit around too much, lengthening your hamstrings across the hip joint. Over lengthening any muscle will cause it to want to contract in an effort to return to normal length and this is why your hamstrings feel “tight.” On the couch, in the car, at your work desk and on the toilet (some more than others), we all tend to sit way more than our bodies were ever meant to.  It is just part of how our worlds have evolved, so instead of pretending like we are going to change that in your day to day life, let’s look at what we can do to help out those overactive, over lengthened and just plain angry hamstrings.

  1. First of all, do NOT stretch your hamstrings or you run the risk of making them feel tighter than they already are. Stretching an already over lengthened muscle is a recipe for disaster to say the least.
  2.  To relax those overactive hamstrings, grab yourself a foam roller and check out my article I wrote ensuring you get the most out of this fantastic tool.
  3.  Now that those angry hammies are relaxed a little more, you may want to strengthen them a little bit (hamstrings are often under developed and injury prone) by doing some hip extension exercises like kettlebell swings, various types of squats or even hop on the rower.

Stretching has its place in your fitness routine, so don’t go giving up on it just yet.  All I am encouraging is for everyone to make sure they are doing it for the right reasons. Remember that hammer and light bulb thing I talked about before?  Yeah, don’t do that and you should be just fine.

Jason Parsons, NASM Certified Personal Trainer | Certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach – City Athletic Club (Las Vegas) | Follow Jason on Twitter: @JasonMParsons

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Protein Banana Split

While this year might not be the best time to hit the gym, you can still and exercise and work out in the comfort of your own home. Do you know what goes well after a good workout? A good protein-packed meal! Grab your whey protein, and it’s time to make some protein banana split!

Usually, the typical banana split consists of a banana split in half, three scoops of ice cream in any flavor, topped with nuts, chocolate or strawberry syrup, and cherries. The only thing about classic banana splits is that they are high in sugar content if consumed regularly. On the other hand, this protein-packed version of the banana split will definitely fill you up after a good workout.

For the ingredients, you’ll need one medium banana, non-fat Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, and granola. Greek yogurt is yogurt strained to remove most of its whey, resulting in a thicker consistency, which makes it the perfect substitute for ice cream. You can also add dark chocolate chips according to your preference.

Start by cutting your banana in half lengthwise. Then if you want to slice up your strawberries and blueberries, you can slice them according to your preference. It’s also fine not to slice them up and eat them as they are. Place your banana on a rectangular plate, then add in your non-fat Greek yogurt. Throw in your fruits in the banana split, and sprinkle your granola as well. Voila! You just made a protein-packed banana split.

You can pair this up with a whey protein isolate of your choice. This recipe sure is a filling and muscle-building one because of its proteins, which makes it the perfect post-workout meal. You can also use this recipe as a low-carb breakfast to start your day right.

If you liked this recipe, comment down below if you’d want us to make more post-workout recipes in the future.

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5 Ways to Motivate Your Husband o Boyfriend

A common question from women is “how can I encourage my husband or boyfriend to eat healthy and exercise?” It’s difficult to answer w/o knowing him so here are 5 suggestions from conversations & personal experience. Fellas, feel free to chime in here. And of course, women, I appreciate your ideas & thoughts. (traduccion abajo)

  1. Prepare weekly meals for him and then with him. Show how easy meal prep is.
  2. Set a fitness goal to accomplish together. Work towards it!
  3. Stroke that ego and celebrate incremental progress. Compliments help! Ladies, exercising can boost our libido so, that PLUS compliments = TOTAL WIN. OooRah!
  4. Be positive when mistakes are made. Take time to understand why he made a mistake – if you solve that problem, you could solve more than you know.
  5. Avoid comparing your man to other men that are fit. I’ve always seen this lead to a disaster.

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Post Workout Meal: Herb & Lemon Pepper Lamb leg with grilled green beans, stuffed yam with dried cantaloupe pieces.

Sweet & Spicy Steak And Chickpea Salad

While we’re familiar with Mediterranean chickpea salad recipes, full of lemon juice, fresh herbs, olive, oil, and red onion, there’s another contender in the bean salads world that I am personally in love with. I would like to introduce you to my sweet and spicy steak and chickpea salad recipe. Chickpea salads are always on my list of favorite salad recipes to showcase since they are full of fiber and protein and so versatile that it can easily be dressed up in so many different ways. This salad is so good that you won’t even need any salad dressing. Just a sprinkling of kosher salt, if any, and it’s ready to go. 

This sweet and spicy simple chickpea salad recipe features ginger and red pepper and orange cranberries for some sweet heat. Tender and juicy steak make this a protein-packed power lunch, and the spinach gives a healthy serving of dark leafy greens. You can use canned chickpeas, also sometimes known as garbanzo beans, or you can use dry chickpeas. However, if you use the dry version, you’ll have to cook it beforehand but a slow cooker or instant pot can cut your cooking time down. The only downside is that this easy weeknight dish doesn’t keep very well, so you should eat it soon after making it. Some might add some feta cheese to it for another boost of protein.  

Did you like this chickpea salad recipe? If so, please let me know by commenting below. I think it is important that food is both delicious and healthy, plus easy to put together. Eating for your health and fitness goals should not be a battle! If you are looking for more health-conscious recipes, take a look at my other posts for creative meal ideas. I’m looking forward to hearing from my readers about this and other recipes.