Red Wine Does Not Make You Sexy Or Burn Calories, Sorry

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Editor’s note: Article by Guest blogger Mandi Gelsen, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


The TRUTH on the Health Benefits of Red Wine—or Lack There of:

“One Glass of Red Wine is Equivalent to an Hour in the Gym”

“Is Red Wine Actually Good for You”

“4 Health Benefits of Red Wine”

Yes, my friends. You know you’ve seen those posts casually embedded in your Facebook newsfeeds more often than not. Your wine-o friends or acquaintances will desperately find any way possible to take the easy way out of “being healthy.” After all, I would know, I love wine. However, if that first headline is true and one glass of wine is equivalent to an hour in the gym…then why don’t I have a six pack by now? Most people are probably wondering that, actually.

The answer is simple. Those titles up there…they’re false. I KNOW, I KNOW. I’m sorry to be the downer in this situation. I love wine so much that if I didn’t have a full-time job that I love and a family on the east coast, I would literally move to Napa or Sonoma…or Italy…or wherever the wine was.

Red Wine Nutritional Facts:

So let’s break it down real quick. What about wine isn’t actually GOOD for you? Let’s review the nutrition facts. (1) a serving of red wine is equivalent to 5 fl oz. There’s about 125 calories in (1) serving. No protein, about 4 grams of carbs (give or take), no fat, pretty low on the sugar spectrum, and no additional “beneficial” nutrients. Ever heard of “empty calories”…unfortunately that applies in this situation. Red wine does not actually provide the body with anything useful. Just look at the nutrition facts on any bottle. Most will read the same or similar.

The Antioxidant Rumor

But what about all of those antioxidants that come from grapes, you may be asking. Yes, grapes do contain the antioxidant better known as resveratrol, which, when consumed in substantial doses, has the potential to improve your body’s longevity, according to a study performed by JAMA Internal Medicine.  The adverse facts about this is that the natural levels occurring in foods such as grapes, dark chocolate, etc, does not actually have a lasting effect on the body.

So just drink more wine right? Well, no, not really. To fully get the benefits of the antioxidant resveratrol, you would need to supplement with it to get a higher, more concentrated dose.

The French Paradox


Now that we’ve cracked that shell of a rumor that started many years ago, let’s just touch on how this rumor even came to be. It’s quite entertaining, really.

A hypothesis created a while back stated that since the French drink so much wine, it had to be directly correlated to their lower rates of cardiovascular disease, regardless of the fact that much of the food in France is high in fat. Sadly, there’s no scientific evidence to provide proof of such a hypothesis.

At the end of the day, the people who have the dream physiques we all lust after are not spending their days sipping on vino (but wouldn’t it be SO COOL if they were?). They’re exercising and eating in moderation. The tried and tested way for effective weight and fat loss.

But, best believe, if a wine is created that can substitute one hour in the gym…sign me up!

Mandi Gelsen, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
GYFT Content Writer
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