No Cheats Needed

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No Cheats Needed available on Kindle or Paperback > http://amzn.to/1sToDui

lee labradaNo Cheats Needed is impactful, yet easy to follow for anyone desiring to get fit and start eating healthy. Kevin Curry shows you not only how to make great tasting food that’s good for you, but encourages you to take the steps necessary to create a healthier mind and body. It’s a winner!

– Lee Labrada, Founder and CEO of Labrada Nutrition, former IFBB Mr. Universe, IFBB Hall of Fame

About No Cheats Needed

No Cheats Needed is the prerequisite to the official upcoming FitMenCook Cookbook. Within No Cheats Needed, Kevin shares his narrative in the form of weekly challenges to show you how easy it is to make healthier food choices and commit to personal goals.

This book features 45 of his followers’ favorite savory and practical recipes, 45 motivational messages and reflections, and 45 days of challenges to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. No Cheats Needed is a call to action to commit to a better you. Why? Because the healthy-lifestyle struggle is real! This book is actionable and will help you pivot from a boring, and otherwise mundane routine. It is your guide to cultivating healthy habits that will ultimately lead to better decisions in the kitchen and in your life.

jeff-oconnellI encourage everyone to pick up a copy of No Cheats Needed: 6 Weeks to a Healthier, Better You, by Kevin Curry, founder of the amazing site FitMenCook.com. As Bodybuilding.com’s go-to guy for eating right, Kevin inspires and educates everyone to the fact that true healthy living starts in your own kitchen. His recipes are easy, delicious and exactly what your body needs to crush it at the gym. You need to get cooking, and his book is the perfect guide for success!

– Jeff O’Connell, Bodybuilding.com Editor-in-Chief and New York Times Bestselling Author


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