BBQ Chicken Pizza

Here’s a delicious 20-minute excuse to: 1) fire up the grill this summer; and 2) to finally get yourself a cast-iron skillet. The 12-inch cast iron skillet I’m using is by the Food Network – they have a lot of quality cooking products that are exclusively available from Kohls. Get the skillet used in this

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  • Healthy Dirty Rice Meal Prep

    Growing up in the south, soul food was a regular staple in my house, especially on Sundays and holidays. One of my favorite dishes was/is dirty rice. It’s a cajun rice dish of meat and rice and peppers. While it sounds pretty basic, the flavor is anything but. It’s not uncommon to see variations of

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  • Roasted Maple Candied Carrots

    Here’s a quick side dish recipe for your next meal prep – this is best paired with a savory or spicy main dish – such as my healthy dirty rice recipe. In general, I’m not the biggest fan of carrots. Despite my intense cravings for sweet foods, I actually find carrots a bit too naturally

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