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Real Vitamin Waters

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Are you drinking enough water? Here are 4 REAL vitamin waters to help with detox, hydration and energy! Tag someone that needs to drink more water! Boom. (traduccion abajo)


Put as much fruit in the water as you like, let the water sit for at least 30-min to 1 hour before drinking and sip throughout the day. You can refill your water bottle after you drink it. After 36-48 hours, I recommend discarding the fruit. Some people like to eat the fruit after drinking – I will do that some times depending on if the fruit is soggy.

  1. orange blueberry water – Vitamins C & B6, antioxidants & flavonoids, best at room temperature.
  2. cucumber, lime & mint – great for digestion, appetite control, bloating, vitamins C, A & K, iron, calcium.
  3. watermelon, cucumber, rosemary – bloating, immune defense, vitamins C, A & B6, appetite control
  4. strawberries & lemon – vitamin C, digestion, blood sugar stabilizer, immune defense.

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¿Estás bebiendo suficiente agua para el Reto 30-días #UAEvolve? Aquí hay 4 aguas vitamínicos para ayudar con la desintoxicación, la hidratación y la energía! Etiqueta alguien quien necesita beber más agua! Bum.


Poner tanta la fruta en el agua como quieras, y dejar que la fruta se queda en el agua durante al menos 30 minutos a 1 hora antes de beber, y beber durante todo el día. Puedes rellenar tu botella de agua después de tomarlo. Después de 36-48 horas, les recomiendo desechar la fruta. Algunas personas les gusta comer la fruta después de beber – a veces comeré la fruta tambien, dependiendo de si la fruta está empapado. 

  1. naranja y arándanos – Vitaminas C y B6, antioxidantes y flavonoides, mejor bebido a temperatura ambiente.
  2. pepino, limón y menta – bueno para la digestión, el control del apetito, hinchazón, vitaminas C, A y K, hierro, calcio. y
  3. fresas y limón – vitamina C, la digestión, estabilizador de azúcar en la sangre, la defensa inmune.
  4. sandía, pepino, romero – hinchazón, la defensa inmune, vitaminas C, A y B6, el control del apetito.

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  • EpicElliott says:

    For larger containers or community containers, like the one pictured in your other article where that woman yelled at you about being hungry or thirsty, is the amount of fruit still “as much as you want” or would you dial it in more? I’ve purchased a big water thing and think your idea is brilliant to put some fruit in as well. How can I refine this idea?

    • FitMenCook FitMenCook says:

      haha! the concept is still the same – as much as you want. in fact, many hotels and restaurants do this to add some flavor to water as well and it is generally done on a “add as much as you want basis.” for the 7 gallon jug as shown in the pic i posted, i would add at least a cup of each fruit. and remember that you change the flavor of the water by adding more/less of a particular fruit.

      • EpicElliott says:

        I did raspberry and lemon in a smaller experiment at the house. There’s nothing like waking up and being excited to run downstairs and start the day of with water! Kudos Kevin

  • Everlyn says:

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